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Archives 2012


   Spotlight Stories


  1. Bullet12/28/12– Christmas Dinner serves 300, goes green in Katonah

  2. Bullet12/28/13– EDITORIAL: 2012, Quote/Unquote

  3. Bullet12/21/12– Bedford Central reacts to Sandy Hook shooting

  4. Bullet12/14/12– Indian Point: License debate underway

  5. Bullet12/14/12– County Dems Harckham, Kaplowitz split over budget

  6. Bullet12/14/12– EDITORIAL: A cell tower is coming, a cell tower is coming!

  7. Bullet12/07/12– Carl Breuninger, quintessential Pound Ridger, dies at 84

  8. Bullet12/07/12– EDITORIAL: National designation a game-changer at Stepping Stones


  1. Bullet11/30/12– Bedford Hills gets ‘Shock’ treatment

  2. Bullet11/30/12– EDITORIAL: Mystery at the Katonah Museum of Art

  3. Bullet11/23/12– Cuts to deer management program loom again

  4. Bullet11/23/12– Neil Watson steps down as executive director of the KMA

  5. Bullet11/23/12– EDITORIAL: Distress leads to community recovery

  6. 11/16/12 – SPECIAL SECTION: Back To School

  7. Bullet11/16/12– Fox Lane Players kick off dramatic season

  8. Bullet11/16/12– Grace Church: New Canaan church plan spurs local traffic concerns

  9. Bullet11/16/12– EDITORIAL: After the election: hangover or a brand-new day?

  10. Bullet11/09/12– Open space, Maloney, Menken winners in Bedford

  11. Bullet11/09/12– Katonah Poetry Series features literary heavyweights

  12. Bullet11/09/12– EDITORIAL: A ‘VERY’ frustrating situation

  13. Bullet11/02/12– The day after Sandy struck

  14. Bullet11/02/12– Storm pummels region, thousands still without power

  15. Bullet11/02/12– EDITORIAL: Endorsements for Maloney and Latimer


  1. Bullet10/26/12– EDITORIAL: Bob Castelli for 93rd Assembly district

  2. Bullet10/26/12– EDITORIAL: A vote for Greg Ball

  3. Bullet10/26/12– Local voices seek clemency for Judith Clark

  4. Bullet10/26/12– Hayworth, Maloney wage war of words during tight race

  5. Bullet10/19/12– EDITORIAL: Judgment call

  6. Bullet10/19/12– Where writers find inspiration

  7. Bullet10/19/12– Castelli, Buchwald debate state issues

  8. Bullet10/12/12– EDITORIAL: Don’t take library funding for granted

  9. Bullet10/12/12– Twenty years of neighbors helping neighbors

  10. Bullet10/12/12– Congressional candidates elaborate on conservation goals

  11. Bullet10/05/12– EDITORIAL: Will Cuomo make the right energy decisions?

  12. Bullet10/05/12– Bedford Central:Food is healthier, but will kids eat it?

  13. Bullet10/05/12– KES kids discover world of reading at fall book fair


  1. Bullet09/28/12– EDITORIAL: Cleaning up the campaign trail

  2. Bullet09/28/12– The books that changed their lives

  3. Bullet09/28/12– Chef Jean-Georges plans 2013 opening

  4. Bullet09/21/12– EDITORIAL: Breathing a little easier

  5. Bullet09/21/12– Car show ‘bigger, better than ever’

  6. Bullet09/21/12– Local singer McLoughlin a hit on ‘The Voice’

  7. Bullet09/14/12– EDITORIAL: The day survives

  8. Bullet09/14/12– ‘Compromise’ reached over Stepping Stones

  9. Bullet09/14/12– Don’t call them ‘extras,’ they’re ‘background’

  10. Bullet09/07/12– EDITORIAL: Open space moves a sign of pessimism

  11. Bullet09/07/12– John Shearer brings back a cartoon legend

  12. Bullet09/07/12– Conflict over term length could send judge race to courts


  1. Bullet08/31/12– EDITORIAL: A Class Act

  2. Bullet08/31/12– Planning Board: Trump seeks more time at Seven Springs

  3. Bullet08/31/12– Finding peace through shared outdoor experience

  4. 08/24/12 – SPECIAL SECTION: Back To School

  5. Bullet08/24/12– EDITORIAL: The Summer of ’42

  6. Bullet08/24/12– Katonah-Lewisboro: Class size conundrum continues

  7. Bullet08/24/12 – Youngsters score big in Pound Ridge Library’s Summer Reading Game

  8. Bullet08/17/12– EDITORIAL: Notes from the watershed

  9. Bullet08/17/12– Phony website, email said to be work of State Senator Ball

  10. Bullet08/17/12 – Spotlight on Arts: Program helps inmates take a new stage

  11. Bullet08/10/12– EDITORIAL: Remembering Kevin Quaranta

  12. Bullet08/10/12– County cracks down on outdoor dining rules

  13. Bullet08/10/12 – Spotlight on Arts: Anime on the screen at Jacob Burns

  14. Bullet08/03/12– EDITORIAL: Olympic moments

  15. Bullet08/03/12– Kevin Quaranta, judge, father, friend, dies at 56

  16. Bullet08/03/12 – HUD withholds funds, citing zoning failures


  1. Bullet07/27/12– EDITORIAL: A bridge not too far

  2. Bullet07/27/12– Spoof call leads police to ‘crime’ scene

  3. Bullet07/27/12 – Future international stars meet on the diamond

  4. Bullet07/20/12– EDITORIAL: Indian Point’s latest ‘unsafety’ measure

  5. Bullet07/20/12– Training educators to think greener

  6. Bullet07/20/12 – Westchester home sales are on the rise

  7. Bullet07/13/12– EDITORIAL: Settlement’s moral divide

  8. Bullet07/13/12– Indian Point:  Nuclear plant hurdles

  9. Bullet07/13/12 – ‘Hot bricks, lack of snack bar irk poolgoers

  10. Bullet07/06/12– EDITORIAL: Health care: ‘Onward together!’

  11. Bullet07/06/12– Richard C. Lemon, man of letters, dies at 81

  12. Bullet07/06/12 – ‘Reaction to health care act is fast and furious


  1. 06/29/12 – SPECIAL SECTION: Graduation

  2. Bullet06/29/12 – EDITORIAL: John Jay, spymaster?

  3. Bullet06/29/12 – Maloney wins Democratic primary

  4. Bullet06/29/12 – ‘Pops, Patriots and Fireworks’

  5. Bullet06/22/12 – EDITORIAL: 18th Congressional District gets its christening

  6. Bullet06/22/12 – ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ opens Caramoor summer season

  7. Bullet06/22/12 – Five Democrats vie to unseat Rep. Nan Hayworth in 18th District

  8. Bullet06/15/12 – EDITORIAL: Stepping Stones was a house first, museum second

  9. Bullet06/15/12 – Trump doesn’t have rights to widen road, court says

  10. Bullet06/15/12 – Coker Farm’s Judy Richter publishes new memoir

  11. Bullet06/08/12 – EDITORIAL: Pound Ridge goes Third World

  12. Bullet06/08/12 – Rock-rock-rock-rock-rock ’n’ roll high school

  13. Bullet06/08/12 – SCHOOLS: Katonah-Lewisboro: Cost per pupil outpaces peer districts

  14. Bullet06/01/12 – Red, white and blue on display as hamlets mark Memorial Day

  15. Bullet06/01/12 – SCHOOLS: Katonah-Lewisboro releases school report card


  1. Bullet05/25/12 – Mary Kennedy funeral Mass fills St. Patrick’s Church

  2. Bullet05/25/12 – SCHOOLS: College application inflation

  3. Bullet05/25/12 – EDITORIAL: TMZ or TMI?

  4. Bullet05/18/12 – Family, friends mourn death of Mary Kennedy

  5. Bullet05/18/12 – Bedford Central 2012-13 budget election results

  6. Bullet05/18/12 – EDITORIAL: Firehouse in need

  7. Bullet05/11/12 – Cleanup day in Bedford empties attics, lures bargain hunters

  8. Bullet05/11/12 – Broad Brook home invasion, fire shock community

  9. Bullet05/11/12 – EDITORIAL: A ‘doable’ budget in Bedford Central;
                      Vote yes for K-L budget

  10. Bullet05/04/12 – Westmoreland expands wildlife navigation courses

  11. Bullet05/04/12 – Film explores theme of motherhood in prison

  12. Bullet05/04/12 – EDITORIAL: The Herodotus of Bedford Hills


  1. Bullet04/27/12 – Fox Lane celebrates Pride Week

  2. Bullet04/27/12 – Runners remember Caballo Blanco at annual Leatherman’s Loop

  3. Bullet04/27/12 – EDITORIAL: Twenty years, building respect for all

  4. 04/20/12 – SPECIAL SECTION: Home & Garden

  5. Bullet04/20/12 – Bedford Hills historian Jaap Ketting dies

  6. Bullet04/20/12 – Bedford Fire Department welcomes new recruits

  7. Bullet04/20/12 – Runner in Bedford Hills finds a unique proposal at the finish line

  8. Bullet04/20/12 – EDITORIAL: Earth Day Awards

  9. Bullet04/13/12 – Martha Stewart seeks new storage building

  10. Bullet04/13/12 – EDITORIAL: The Romans had them, but Katonah still waits

  11. Bullet04/13/12 – St. Patrick’s kids get a lesson in outer space

  12. Bullet04/13/12 – EDITORIAL: The Romans had them, but Katonah still waits

  13. Bullet04/06/12 – Worshipers to observe Easter and Passover holidays with services

  14. Bullet04/06/12 – Bedford Town Board says no to $54.3M sewer plan

  15. Bullet04/06/12 – EDITORIAL: Wake up and smell the daffodils


  1. Bullet03/30/12 – Commission votes to protect historic home

  2. Bullet03/30/12 – ‘Rising Dragon’ at the Katonah Museum of Art

  3. Bullet03/30/12 – EDITORIAL: The ‘doable,’ the ‘dramatic’ and the ‘drastic

  4. 03/23/12 – SPECIAL SECTION: Kids!

  5. Bullet03/23/12 – Governor signs redistricting legislation amid ‘gerrymandering’ charges

  6. Bullet03/23/12 – Perks, longtime Katonah gathering spot, to close

  7. Bullet03/23/12 – EDITORIAL: An ‘interesting’ alignment

  8. Bullet03/16/12 – Private gallery tour to benefit Bedford 2020

  9. Bullet03/16/12 – Pound Ridger is conference player of the year

  10. Bullet03/16/12 – EDITORIAL: List of historic homes must be made public

  11. Bullet03/09/12 – Katonah firehouse renovations planned

  12. Bullet03/09/12 – Housing market on the rebound

  13. Bullet03/09/12 – EDITORIAL: When Bedford’s Democrats were lonely

  14. 03/09/12 – SPECIAL SECTION: Today’s Woman

  15. Bullet03/02/12 – George Delaney, force in local Democratic Party, dies at 84

  16. Bullet03/02/12 – Neighbors, Stepping Stones at odds on traffic

  17. Bullet03/02/12 – EDITORIAL: Towns must have right to guard precious resources


  1. Bullet02/24/12 – Butterscotch Auction Gallery sells $1.7 million painting

  2. Bullet02/24/12 – After ‘tweaks, board gives nod to Trump plans

  3. Bullet02/24/12 – EDITORIAL: Settlement scorecard

  4. 02/24/12 – SPECIAL SECTION: Celebrations

  5. Bullet02/17/12 – Thirty-five years later, missing family case still a mystery

  6. Bullet02/17/12  – Four candidates challenging Hayworth

  7. Bullet02/17/12  – EDITORIAL: Indian Point future in hands of NRC

  8. Bullet02/10/12  – County faces loss of federal funds in housing deal

  9. Bullet02/10/12  – Oscar-nominated filmmaker takes personal look at a deadly attack

  10. Bullet02/03/12  – Beauty benefit to save precious dogs

  11. Bullet02/03/12 – Wife of convicted man named in $100M sex trafficking suit

  12. Bullet02/03/12 – EDITORIAL: A ‘net gain’ at Katonah-Lewisboro


  1. Bullet01/27/12 – John Jay Homestead: Carriage Barn to transform into new visitor center

  2. Bullet01/27/12 – And the winner is … Bedford, New York!

  3. Bullet01/27/12  – EDITORIAL: Between a rock and a hard place

  4. Bullet01/20/12 –  Friedland family spurs charity fund

  5. Bullet01/20/12 – Bedford Village boulder removal progress

  6. Bullet01/20/12 – EDITORIAL: Congressional redistricting holds up the election process

  7. 01/20/12 – SPECIAL SECTION: Education

  8. Bullet01/13/12 – Bedford Hills Army captain honored with Bronze Star

  9. Bullet01/13/12 – Redistricting could create merger between two congressional districts

  10. Bullet01/13/12 –EDITORIAL: How do you spell ‘m-a-n-d-a-t-e r-e-l-i-e-f’?

  11. Bullet01/06/12 – Hydrofracking in state may begin later this year

  12. Bullet01/06/12 – Bedford boulders make parkers fume

  13. Bullet01/06/12  – Energy savers honored

  14. Bullet01/06/12 – EDITORIAL: The big picture in 2012

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