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   Spotlight Stories


  1. Bullet12/13/13 – Maloney touts immigration reform bill

  2. Bullet12/13/13 – EDITORIAL: We still have much to learn from Newtown tragedy

  3. Bullet12/06/13 – KL: Parent protest sends police response to Meadow Pond

  4. Bullet12/06/13 – EDITORIAL: The seamy underside of school district politics

  5. Bullet12/06/13 – EDITORIAL: Derailed


  1. Bullet11/29/13 – Bedford town board prepares to fill empty seat

  2. Bullet11/29/13 – EDITORIAL: Roberts’ rules of order

  3. Bullet11/22/13 – Bedford town supervisor candidates debate issues

  4. Bullet11/22/13 – EDITORIAL: Mount Laurel indecision

  5. Bullet11/15/13 – Cell tower’s up, so why don’t I have four bars?

  6. Bullet11/15/13 – EDITORIAL: Did your vote count?

  7. Bullet11/08/13 – Bedford town supervisor candidates debate issues

  8. Bullet11/08/13 – Pound Ridge: Record turnout as Lyman defeats Boak for supervisor

  9. Bullet11/08/13 – EDITORIAL: ‘Bedford Hills at War’ exhibit at museum

  10. Bullet11/01/13 – EDITORIAL: Bedford Supervisor: Vote for Don Scott

  11. Bullet11/01/13 – EDITORIAL: Pound Ridge Supervisor: Vote for Alison Boak


  1. Bullet10/25/13 – Record-Review hosts Bedford Council candidates’ debate

  2. Bullet10/25/13 – EDITORIAL: Meredith Black, Mary Kass for Bedford board

  3. Bullet10/25/13 – EDITORIAL: De Palma and Paschkes for Pound Ridge board

  4. Bullet10/18/13 – Bedford town supervisor candidates debate issues

  5. Bullet10/18/13 – Pound Ridge Council candidates convene, debate issues

  6. Bullet10/18/13 – EDITORIAL: Bramson for county executive

  7. Bullet10/18/13 – EDITORIAL: Vote for Pete Harckham in District 2

  8. Bullet10/11/13 – Big divide as county exec candidates discuss issues

  9. Bullet10/11/13 – Pound Ridge Supervisor candidates debate

  10. Bullet10/11/13 – EDITORIAL: Notes from the campaign trail

  11. Bullet10/04/13 – At 60, Mianus River Gorge environmental success
                      story keeps on growing

  12. Bullet10/04/13 – EDITORIAL: Notes from the campaign trail


  1. Bullet09/27/13 – Congressman comes to Katonah on week of pending shutdown

  2. Bullet09/27/13 – EDITORIAL: Time to take hysteria out of housing argument

  3. Bullet09/20/13 – Curriculum, security are top priorities at Katonah Elementary School

  4. Bullet09/20/13 – EDITORIAL: Stop for the bus

  5. Bullet09/13/13 – Pound Ridge: Will deal ‘herd’ minorities?

  6. Bullet09/13/13 – EDITORIAL: School’s open, ‘love’ is in the air

  7. Bullet09/06/13 – Dogs barred from Trinity Reservoir trails

  8. Bullet09/06/13 – EDITORIAL: Holiday highlights religion’s diversity


  1. Bullet08/30/13 – Bedford farms added to county ag list

  2. Bullet08/30/13 – EDITORIAL: Prospect of school closing dims season’s start

  3. Bullet08/23/13 – Community involvement helps Fox Lane student attend college

  4. Bullet08/23/13 – EDITORIAL: Pound Ridge gets into high housing gear

  5. Bullet08/16/13 – Independence Party affiliations questioned

  6. Bullet08/16/13 – EDITORIAL: The Independence Party trap

  7. Bullet08/09/13 – Judge denies motion to unfreeze Novacon assets

  8. Bullet08/09/13 – EDITORIAL: Don’t type and drive!

  9. Bullet08/02/13 – Dog owner claims kennel negligence after death of Akita

  10. Bullet08/02/13 – EDITORIAL: What you don’t know about reassessment can hurt you


  1. Bullet07/26/13 – All Things Natural: Translating the cry of the loon

  2. Bullet07/26/13 – EDITORIAL: Gasland, New York

  3. Bullet07/19/13 – Bedford kids get a glimpse of school days past

  4. Bullet07/19/13 – EDITORIAL: Housing settlement is recipe for inaction

  5. Bullet07/12/13 – California’s affluent Marin County offers different experience with HUD

  6. Bullet07/12/13 – Raveis Realtor profiled on “House Hunters” on HGTV

  7. Bullet07/12/13 – EDITORIAL: Bedford’s clean water answer man

  8. Bullet07/05/13 – Bedford man in court insists he has clean-burning coal method

  9. Bullet07/05/13 – EDITORIAL: Local figures, national stage


  1. Bullet06/28/13– On the road with Stanley, the lovelorn peacock

  2. Bullet06/28/13– EDITORIAL: Shoes and stockings for the soldiers

  3. Bullet06/21/13– Harckham seeks new term

  4. Bullet06/21/13– EDITORIAL: With education, you get what you pay for

  5. Bullet06/14/13– Bedford Republicans debut slate

  6. Bullet06/14/13– EDITORIAL: Tapping in, a century later

  7. Bullet06/07/13– Bedford lottery winner finds ‘New York is a magic place’

  8. Bullet06/07/13– EDITORIAL: ‘Talk to George’


  1. Bullet05/31/13– Housing settlement: Feds say towns discriminate

  2. Bullet05/31/13– EDITORIAL: Bedford Central: The calm before the calm

  3. Bullet05/24/13– Carriage Barn opening puts John Jay Homestead ‘on the map’

  4. Bullet05/24/13– EDITORIAL: What Memorial Day means to me

  5. Bullet05/17/13– Voters to decide on district’s $125M budget

  6. Bullet05/17/13– After 18 years, Trump gets final approval for Seven Springs

  7. Bullet05/17/13– EDITORIAL: District ‘balancing act’

  8. Bullet05/10/13– Diverse group seeks clemency for Judy Clark

  9. Bullet05/10/13– Interest rates, values herald ‘magic moment’ for buyers

  10. Bullet05/10/13– EDITORIAL: Vote yes in Katonah-Lewisboro; address systemic problems

  11. Bullet05/03/13– Little League season opens in Bedford Hills; day games only

  12. Bullet05/03/13– EDITORIAL: Trash Talk


  1. Bullet04/26/13– ‘Last developable piece’ in Bedford awaits plans

  2. Bullet04/26/13– Greg Ball’s torture tweet

  3. Bullet04/26/13– EDITORIAL: Reform in Albany, bring it on

  4. Bullet04/19/13– Wrestling skills help Jay student foil kidnapping

  5. Bullet04/19/13– A party for Sister Elaine

  6. Bullet04/19/13– EDITORIAL: Earth Day 9-1-1

  7. Bullet04/12/13– Housing settlement: Sandy funds at risk

  8. Bullet04/12/13– EDITORIAL: Astorino gambles with your money

  9. Bullet04/05/13– Fox Lane co-ed cheer team wins first place at sectionals

  10. Bullet04/05/13– Homeowner withdraws application to keep chickens

  11. Bullet04/05/13– EDITORIAL: The Yankees and our school districts, in the same boat


  1. Bullet03/29/13– Bedford man sentenced for bilking investors

  2. Bullet03/29/13– Mianus Gorge celebrates 60th with Twin Lakes preservation

  3. Bullet03/29/13– EDITORIAL: Let the sunshine in with new ‘Buchwald’ bill

  4. Bullet03/22/13– West Patent kids learn healthy eating habits

  5. Bullet03/22/13– EDITORIAL: Let the sunshine in with new ‘Buchwald’ bill

  6. Bullet03/15/13– Kathie Durst disappearance revisited in new documentary

  7. Bullet03/15/13– EDITORIAL: John Jay’s team spirit

  8. Bullet03/08/13– View from the porch:The origins of the doughnut booty

  9. Bullet03/08//13– EDITORIAL: John Jay’s team spirit


  1. Bullet02/22/13– Cleaner-burning coal or a scam to bilk investors?

  2. Bullet02/22/13– EDITORIAL: Standing up to the gun lobby

  3. Bullet02/15/13– Zoning board hears plea for chickens at Katonah property

  4. Bullet02/15/13– EDITORIAL: Standing up to the gun lobby

  5. Bullet02/08/13– High-fives for Bedford Village spelling whizzes

  6. Bullet02/08/13– Neighbors make last stand as church plans move ahead

  7. Bullet02/08/13– EDITORIAL: Making garbage easier

  8. Bullet02/01/13– Ball, Katz say new gun law is ‘political grandstanding’

  9. Bullet02/01/13– Indictment issued in home invasion case

  10. Bullet02/01/13– EDITORIAL: A delicate balance


  1. Bullet01/25/13– Parents tell board they want armed police in schools

  2. Bullet01/25/13– EDITORIAL: Housing is ground zero of race debate

  3. Bullet01/18/13– Buchwald, Latimer support Cuomo gun-control measures

  4. Bullet01/18/13– EDITORIAL: Ambulance corps to the rescue

  5. Bullet01/11/13– Help wanted in Bedford as police officers retire

  6. Bullet01/11/13– EDITORIAL: The man who charted Bedford’s course

  7. Bullet01/04/13– Roberts, Winn look ahead to 2013

  8. Bullet01/04/13– Exploring the planet with a drum

  9. Bullet01/04/13– EDITORIAL: Right, or right ...?



  1. Bullet12/28/12– Christmas Dinner serves 300, goes green in Katonah

  2. Bullet12/28/13– EDITORIAL: 2012, Quote/Unquote

  3. Bullet12/21/12– Bedford Central reacts to Sandy Hook shooting

  4. Bullet12/14/12– Indian Point: License debate underway

  5. Bullet12/14/12– County Dems Harckham, Kaplowitz split over budget

  6. Bullet12/14/12– EDITORIAL: A cell tower is coming, a cell tower is coming!

  7. Bullet12/07/12– Carl Breuninger, quintessential Pound Ridger, dies at 84

  8. Bullet12/07/12– EDITORIAL: National designation a game-changer at Stepping Stones

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