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   Spotlight Stories


  1. Bullet12/05/14 – Alchemy may redesign Playhouse if theater plan stalls

  2. Bullet12/05/14 – EDITORIAL: ‘You will find our goods and prices right’


  1. Bullet11/28/14 – Board uses ‘incremental’ approach to slow Cherry Street traffic

  2. Bullet11/28/14 – EDITORIAL: When did diversity become a dirty word?

  3. Bullet11/21/14 – After cancelled program, calls for Hochman to resign

  4. Bullet11/21/14 – EDITORIAL: Election reflection

  5. Bullet11/14/14 – Group seeks $2.5 to bring art house to Bedford

  6. Bullet11/14/14 – EDITORIAL: Goodbye, Stellaris — hello, North Shore-LIJ


  1. Bullet10/17/14 – Bedford board candidates debate the issues

  2. Bullet10/17/14 – Pound Ridge board candidates debate the issues

  3. Bullet10/17/14 – EDITORIAL: Vote for Latimer in 37th District

  4. Bullet10/10/14 – Splash says Russell Speeders used neighbors as ‘false front’

  5. Bullet10/10/14 – EDITORIAL: HUD makes huge misstep

  6. Bullet10/03/14 – HUD, monitor conflict upsets housing settlement

  7. Bullet10/03/14 – EDITORIAL: Three races you should follow this fall


  1. Bullet9/26/14 – State OKs plan to reduce speed limits in Bedford Village

  2. Bullet9/26/14 – EDITORIAL: Group home approval would send signal of inclusion

  3. Bullet9/19/14 – Settlement allows clean-burning coal process to proceed

  4. Bullet9/19/14 – EDITORIAL: Time for Bedford to provide flood data

  5. Bullet9/12/14 – Group home plan draws concern of neighbors

  6. Bullet9/12/14 – EDITORIAL: Begging Cuomo for clemency

  7. Bullet9/05/14 – Bedford Central looks ahead to the new year

  8. Bullet9/05/14 – EDITORIAL: Finding a leader in Katonah-Lewisboro


  1. Bullet8/29/14 – When bats are in the house

  2. Bullet8/29/14 – EDITORIAL: Caretaking for the suburban exotics

  3. Bullet8/22/14 – Stop work order issued on noted Croton Lake Road property

  4. Bullet8/22/14 – EDITORIAL: Slowing down the speeders

  5. Bullet8/15/14 – BH/K rides defense, pitching to claim 9U championship

  6. Bullet8/15/14 – EDITORIAL: Pound Ridge makes history, again

  7. Bullet8/08/14 – Bedford town board approves Cherry Street traffic study

  8. Bullet8/08/14 – EDITORIAL: Cuomo buys time

  9. Bullet8/01/14 – In quest for view, Braewold owner runs into a historic stone wall

  10. Bullet8/01/14 – EDITORIAL: Katonah’s ‘statuesque enchantress’


  1. Bullet7/25/14 – Bedford Playhouse development proposal meets with
                    mixed bag of reactions

  2. Bullet7/25/14 – EDITORIAL: Rewriting the ‘community’s document’

  3. Bullet7/18/14 – Playhouse property owner to propose mixed-use structure

  4. Bullet7/18/14 – EDITORIAL: Giving respect to the athlete and the intellect

  5. Bullet7/11/14 – Katonah-Lewisboro: Parents make plea to keep Kor at high school

  6. Bullet7/11/14 – EDITORIAL: Single-stream recycling comes of age

  7. Bullet7/03/14 – Sloan Wainright makes ‘magic’

  8. Bullet7/03/14 – EDITORIAL: John Jay and the U.S. Constitution


  1. Bullet6/27/14 – 18th Congressional District: First round, Hayworth

  2. Bullet6/27/14 – EDITORIAL: Passing the test

  3. Bullet6/20/14 – Filing demands reserve funds must be repaid

  4. Bullet6/20/14 – EDITORIAL: Push and pull on affordable housing

  5. Bullet6/13/14 – Northern Westchester Hospital proposes strategic partnership

  6. Bullet6/13/14 – EDITORIAL: Greg Ball: Chapter II

  7. Bullet6/6/14 – Fox Lane teacher is terminated, deemed ‘undue risk’ to students

  8. Bullet6/6/14 – EDITORIAL: Katonah-Lewisboro turns a corner


  1. Bullet5/30/14 – BikeRun draws 1,700 community members

  2. Bullet5/30/14 – EDITORIAL: Does district have a ‘Pound Ridge’ problem?

  3. Bullet5/23/14 – Court deals setback to Grace Church neighbors

  4. Bullet5/23/14 – EDITORIAL: An American tradition, forever young

  5. Bullet5/16/14 – The Great Gilly Hopkins

  6. Bullet5/16/14 – EDITORIAL: A yes vote for Bedford Central budget

  7. Bullet5/9/14 – New season begins under new light in Bedford Hills

  8. Bullet5/9/14 – EDITORIAL: History comes alive via library archive

  9. Bullet5/2/14 – Family says school district ignored bullying

  10. Bullet5/2/14 – EDITORIAL: Prison education falls victim to election-year politics


  1. Bullet4/25/14 – County faces loss of $5 million

  2. Bullet4/25/14 – EDITORIAL: Holding on to train station is worth the effort

  3. Bullet4/18/14 – Family zoning feud

  4. Bullet4/18/14 – EDITORIAL: Plugging-in on Earth Day

  5. Bullet4/11/14 – Award winning season for Record-Review

  6. Bullet4/11/14 – Johns and Lund: Masters in the print studio

  7. Bullet4/11/14 – EDITORIAL: Feeding frenzy, or let them eat cake

  8. Bullet4/4/14 – Inn at Pound Ridge urged to address traffic, safety issues

  9. Bullet4/4/14 – EDITORIAL: Decoding Rob Astorino’s narrative


  1. Bullet3/28/14 – Fox Laner makes his mark in the Peace Corps

  2. Bullet3/28/14 – EDITORIAL: Why your train may be a little late(r)

  3. Bullet3/21/14 – Katonah man named in $5.6M insider trading case

  4. Bullet3/21/14 – EDITORIAL: Contemplating ‘brilliant creatures’

  5. Bullet3/14/14 – Katonah-Lewisboro: District makes changes at top, new principal at KES

  6. Bullet3/14/14 – EDITORIAL: Linking diversity, regional economics

  7. Bullet3/07/14 – Peter Ehrlich, Bedford resident dies at 83

  8. Bullet3/07/14 – John Jay grad urges support for Ukraine government

  9. Bullet3/07/14 – EDITORIAL: Celebrating Bedford Hills Free Library’s director Rhoda Gushue


  1. Bullet2/28/14 – Barnett runs for Congress, challenges Hayworth

  2. Bullet2/28/14 – EDITORIAL: From Katonah to Lewisboro, and back again

  3. Bullet2/21/14 – Inn’s popularity leads to traffic, parking ‘headaches’

  4. Bullet2/21/14 – EDITORIAL: When Pound Ridge was Washington’s intelligence center

  5. Bullet2/14/14 – Pound Ridge:New multifamily housing rules adopted by board

  6. Bullet2/14/14 – EDITORIAL: Why Bedford needs a traffic safety committee

  7. Bullet2/7/14 – Officials to scrutinize deer management results

  8. Bullet2/7/14 – EDITORIAL: Safety grant is a townwide team effort


  1. Bullet1/31/14 – Hundreds pay tribute to former supervisor Lee Roberts at gala event

  2. Bullet1/31/14 – EDITORIAL: Soap opera continues at Katonah-Lewisboro

  3. Bullet1/24/14 – Pound Ridge: Neighboring Grace Church plans get a little bigger

  4. Bullet1/24/14 – EDITORIAL: From the Hudson to the Beltway

  5. Bullet1/17/14 – Katonah Museum of Art: Museum names new director

  6. Bullet1/17/14 – EDITORIAL: Name-dropping on the town board

  7. Bullet1/10/14 – Hard ‘working’ talent returns to John Jay for Encore Cabaret

  8. Bullet1/10/14 – Katonah business owner, stationer Barry Marks, dies at 55

  9. Bullet1/03/14 – Former Bedford Hills condo manager receives five-year sentence

  10. Bullet1/03/14 – EDITORIAL: The year ahead in Pound Ridge, Bedford

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